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Hotel Hotwagner GmbH
Johannesstraße 94
2344 Maria Enzersdorf, Österreich

Tel: +43 2236 / 22403
Fax: +43 2236 / 22403-6
E-Mail: hotel@hotwagner.at

An extract from the menu

From the grill

Liechtensteiner secret (for 2 people)

Grilled and baked pork, beef and turkey, garnished with vegetables prepared British style, broccoli pockets, butter rice and fries.

27.00 €

Burgherrenspieß- Lord of the castle skewer

Pork lung skewer with bacon vegetables and fries

14.80 €

Pepper cutlet

From the grill with fiery pepper sauce and pan-fried potatoes

12.20 €

Small portion pork medallions

From the grill, with vegetables and pan-fried potatoes

13.80 €

Fish dishes

Pike-perch filet

From the grill, lightly spiced with herb butter, paprika and garlic, with parsley potatoes

small portion  12.50 €

15.50 €

Sole filet

Baked with potato salad
small portion 9.50 €

10.50 €

Various baked dishes

Wiener Schnitzel (veal)

With parsley potatoes

16.80 €

Cordon Bleu

(pork schnitzel baked and filled with ham and cheese) served with fries

12.50 €

Pork schnitzel

Baked, with a garden salad

10.80 €

Baked sirloin roast

With parsley potatoes and tatare sauce

15.80 €

Poultry dishes

Turkey schnitzel baked

With a mixed salad

13.50 €

Chicken cordonbleu

Filled with ham and cheese and a side of rice and cranberries

14.20 €

Vienna baked chicken

(1/2 baked chicken without skin, takes at least 35 min.)

9.80 €

Steaks from Austrian free-range cows

Pepper steak from the grill

(about 180-200g) With pepper sauce and parsley potatoes

Small portion (about 160g): 22.50€

25.50 €

Filet steak “Gärtnerinnen Art” (gardener style)

(about 180-200g) Tender filet steak from free-range cows, with vegetables prepared British style and parsley potatoes

Small portion (about 160g): 22.50

25.50 €


Vienna onion roast

With a side of pan-fried potatoes

15.80 €


Small cheese platter

(with butter and 1 slice of bread)

7.50 €

Large cheese platter

For about 2 people (with butter, a variety of hard and soft cheeses and 2 slices of bread)

9.50 €

Palatschinken and desserts

Schönbrunner palace Palatschinken (2)

(filled with lingonberries, hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream)

6.50 €

Chocolate Palatschinken (2)

With chocolate sauce and whipped cream

5.80 €

Apricot Palatschinken (2)

With apricot jam

4.60 €

Mohr im Hemd

With chocolate sauce and whipped cream

You will find more sweet dishes on our daily menus!

4.90 €